On waters travelled within (a poem)

Inspired by the Pussy Riot video ‘Organs’, the Ruby Throat video ‘Barebaiting’, and a photo or two on Tumblr. I don’t know where the blood comes from or how much it takes to fill me up The imprint that would tell me is missing I close my eyes The flowers in her hair that flows around [...]

Alphabet Poem #6

The F poem. Foreboding A horror-show soundtrack is playing in my head It’s the scene where the first victim dies while the elevated train goes thundering past on its last run of the night This isn’t that kind of night but something is going to happen there is a moment approaching (5 November 2016—posted November 6th)

Life as the architect of my own undoing (a poem)

I’m in the middle of an editing job, so I was running short of inspiration today. Here is today’s lone poem to emerge from my pen: Sure I know where I came from but that doesn’t matter much I don’t know where I’m going even though I’m pointed in the direction It’s hard to know [...]

Somewhere along the line (or A poem in which I exhaust the metaphor of life as a train trip)

Up late after hearing about the death of Muhammad Ali and watching old clips on YouTube. Every day, the train makes its run along the line at each stop, a few more people exit the car At first, the train remains mostly full it still has a long way to go For the longest time, [...]

About the unwritten letter (a poem)

I almost didn’t get to writing anything yesterday… No matter how many pages                   how many corrections                   how many erasures                   how many apologies                   how many regrets Over and out 20,000 traps one chance, maybe two in a lifetime— and my scorecard missing… (19 May 2016—posted May 20th)

57Mbps (and nothing on) (a poem)

This ended up being not a very productive day in any sense of the word… Finality—a presumption of pundits ratings their ultimate goal gelatinous grey matter a matter of little concern under hot studio lights and pits of sweat Uncertainty—the reality on the ground a concern of punters before their devices desktop, portable, or in [...]

The politics of division (A poem)

A small break from the pantoum. I did write one yesterday, but I like this short poem better… The way we run through here full speed you’d think we were being chased But we don’t know where we’re going the field is in disarray taken to fighting each other The house is dividing will the house [...]

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday (a poem)

I have not been in a writing mood these last few days. In fact, I wrote nothing at all on Monday. So, on Tuesday, I wrote about not writing… I didn’t feel like writing yesterday The combination of heat and desperation kept my muse at bay until finally I put the book away and closed [...]

Interstitial poem (a poem)

Slim pickings yesterday. Between the heat and general frustration with the course of the day, I wrote much less than usual… Dramatic license gives me a reason to proceed though I never know what’s coming up next I hate living so deep in the unknown but the mystery does keep things from getting dull No [...]