Somewhere along the line (or A poem in which I exhaust the metaphor of life as a train trip)

Up late after hearing about the death of Muhammad Ali and watching old clips on YouTube. Every day, the train makes its run along the line at each stop, a few more people exit the car At first, the train remains mostly full it still has a long way to go For the longest time, [...]

Islands are bodies of land surrounded on all sides by water (a poem)

Yes, I have been watching Lost again… That’s the traditional definition we all grew up with When we’re all grown up we create our own islands from wood, metal, and glass with concrete in place of water My island is nothing special it is surrounded by dozens just like it Wherever I go I see islands [...]

Vignettes (a poem)

A series of vignettes on this early morning… I The city lingers in my mind a ghost in search of a metaphor Even a bad one will do— the identity doesn’t care what it is as long as it exists In the meantime it is protected II I once drew the eight of diamonds but [...]