To date, I have published eleven collections of poetry and four volumes of ‘love notes’ to the days of the week. I have now restored or rebuilt all the pages for the poetry collections. Pages for the remaining books will soon follow.

Poetry collections

The Lilac Years (2018)

8: Eight-word Poems (2017)

This Is Not the Book That Will Save Your Life (2017)

…but for the thoughts running through my mind (2017)

This Is Fifty-three (two editions, 2016)

Coffee Stains (2016)

Refusal to Remain Invisible (2015)

Quiet on the Outside… (2015)

The Imperfect Document (2015)

Journalism (2014)

Separation Anxiety (2014)

‘Love notes’ to the days of the week

‘Dear Thursday’ (2017)

‘Dear Wednesday’ (2016)

‘Dear Tuesday’ (2016)

‘Dear Monday’ (2015)

(Updated 1 August 2018)