Ordinary Average Thoughts is my personal blog. Though it has been online since February 2011, it has taken me until now to create an About page.

This blog was originally intended as a writing project that would eventually result in a book. The idea was to offer my opinions on topics of the day, particularly those where my opinions differed from what the media (all parts—not just the ‘conservatives’ or the ‘liberals’) would have us believe. I gave it the title Ordinary Average Thoughts because I am not a person of power, influence, or fame; I’m just a person trying to do the best I can with what I’ve got.

I lost interest in the original idea pretty quickly, though. I couldn’t see where the world really needed another voice whining about the ‘mainstream media’ or the Powers That Be, or adding to the noise—however well-intentioned that voice may have been. So, it turned into more of a personal blog, where I would occasionally post an entry if I had something on my mind.

I have mostly stayed faithful to the idea of the blog being focused on my writing, however. At present, I mainly post the poems I write, and my ongoing letters to the days of the week. These are not necessarily major efforts, but they do help me write on a regular basis.

In fact, many of the poems I have posted to this blog feature in Separation Anxiety and Journalism; no doubt some of the subsequent poems may appear in future collections.

As of October 19th, I have integrated this blog into my personal web site. That site’s Blog item on the navigation menu leads here to Ordinary Average Thoughts; a link on the navigation menu here leads back to the web site.

(19 October 2014)