Wishes sometimes have consequences: Now available!

Wishes sometimes have consequences is now available for ordering from your favorite bookstore! I know I waited too long, but I have finally created a page for the book: you can find it here. The page contains: Cover images for both hardcover and paperback editions (the contents are otherwise the same) The ISBNs for both [...]

The diminishing returns of 42 years, 220 days (a poem)

Watching an HBO documentary about Elvis this afternoon… On March 23rd, 2020 Elvis will have been dead for as long as he was alive A few conspiracy theorists and obscure poets may make this observation— otherwise, the day will most likely go unnoticed by everyone else who will instead be fixated on the Georgia primaries [...]

Bookstore Poem #666

Short on inspiration today, but I did spent nearly four hours at the bookstore this afternoon… Three hours in I’m still looking for salvation I know doesn’t exist The millions of pages on offer can guarantee only entertainment amusement distraction nostalgia confusion anger ennui self-righteous justification assembly instructions pretty pictures and boredom I will still [...]