Wishes sometimes have consequences: Now available!

Wishes sometimes have consequences is now available for ordering from your favorite bookstore! I know I waited too long, but I have finally created a page for the book: you can find it here. The page contains: Cover images for both hardcover and paperback editions (the contents are otherwise the same) The ISBNs for both [...]

Something my father wrote

Tomorrow would have been my father’s 88th birthday. The following is something he wrote in September 1998, apparently for one of the classes he was taking to get his massage therapist license. (Though he never did massage as anything other than a side gig—he was an attorney—he continued to take courses on subjects related to [...]

How to confuse your heart until it cannot decide whether or not it is broken (a poem)

Inspired by “How to run away from your own broken heart” by S. R. Mason (https://theadventureto-be.tumblr.com/post/188396010206/how-to-run-away-from-your-own-broken-heart). 1. Start driving in the direction of where you want to go, get lost along the way, wander aimlessly. 2. Think so loud you want to scream. 3. Decrescendo. 4. Leave a light on; don’t tell anyone you’re coming [...]