Looking up people I haven’t seen for a long time late at night when I can’t get to sleep just because (a poem)

Forgot to edit the intro again—this has nothing to do with a workshop, and everything to do with insomnia and nostalgia… The undisputed king of wondering where are they now actually found someone this time but wonders if it’s the right time We’re in the middle of a long hot summer and the memory is [...]

I don’t have a title for this, so I’ll just say it’s about the full moon hiding behind midsummer clouds (a poem)

So tired today… Hungry toulouse so tired and worn out you may as well keep your eyes shut Dream upside down so your nocturnal adventures will land you on your feet You’ve got to let it happen or it’ll never happen Rage Scream Shout Get it out Let it out (17 July 2019) Wishes sometimes [...]