Observing deconstruction (a poem)

A response to this Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdbPbzktSjA/ They tore down the structurea couple of days ago Three misshapen stonesin the middle of a park somewherein the centre of a war zone The machinery flexinglike a cat after striking Somebody thought to watch (12 May 2022) Order Wishes sometimes have consequences from your favorite local bookstore! [...]

Unconfirmed rumor (a poem)

A late afternoon impression. Eighteen of themremembered The last stem bentunder the weightof its own remorse A fragranceA fragmentA filigreeA fiction Tomorrow’s yesterdayspent its time thinkingabout the day after tomorrowwithout worryingabout what that means Eleven timesthe last thing you saidleaves a lot of lettersto mix and jumbleand turn into somethingthat resembles meaning The last stemis [...]