My goal is that eventually the title and the poem will have no connection whatsoever (a poem)

Because, really, I come up with either decent titles or decent poems, but seldom both. A drop of water just hangs out, undisturbed. A hand tilts the surface; the drop slides towards the edge. Tilt the other way; the drop follows suit. Eventually, the sun will reach its red giant stage; the drop (wherever it [...]

Three premises having nothing to do with the photograph of a man on television in Hong Kong (circa 1980) hanging on my living room wall (a poem)

Inspired by the cover of the Haruomi Hosono album The Endless Talking, plus a few stray thoughts. Fiction in the shape of a horse A bot preparing for winter Stripes and candyfloss masquerading as Something Important How much of the cascade has been created for entertainment? (The directions are unclear; to follow them could result [...]