Compilation tracks, 1996–1997

Three pieces released on compilations in 1996 and 1997; I reissued them as separate pieces in 2014.

‘Slip mode’ is an edited recording of me abusing a turntable I rescued from the dumpster of the apartment where I was living at the time. It originally appeared on a compilation cassette of music by folks subscribing to the Sylvian mailing list (back when internet mailing lists were a thing).

‘Gotanda-eki/Shibuya-eki/Ekimae’ was my contribution to the Wood Block Compilation double cassette released by Sound Probe Recordings.

‘Opacity grid’ was my contribution to Resurgence, a double-CD compilation of electronic artists from Oregon and Washington. I had trouble coming up with something new, so I dubbed ‘Refraction grid’ to a 4-track cassette, and used that as the basic for this new piece.

(1 December 2017)