Somewhere along the line (or A poem in which I exhaust the metaphor of life as a train trip)

Up late after hearing about the death of Muhammad Ali and watching old clips on YouTube. Every day, the train makes its run along the line at each stop, a few more people exit the car At first, the train remains mostly full it still has a long way to go For the longest time, [...]

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #19

Today’s prompt is to write a ‘how-to’ poem. My poem—a quote of an old typewriter drill (it’s basically a readymade poem)—was inspired by a Facebook post by a Washington state congressman. How to alienate your constituents in one easy step ‘Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Party.’ [...]

‘The children are our future’ (a poem)

Thinking a bit this morning about that well-worn phrase of songwriters and politicians alike… We are their past We are promises unfulfilled We are promises broken We are the lies we tell each other to explain our feelings away to deny the reality we have created to convince those who see it that they don’t [...]

Ninety degrees (revised) (a poem)

Still not completely satisfied with this, but I think I have improved it somewhat… a corner a quarter a sideways glance perpendicular a hot summer afternoon a scorcher a day for shorts instead of pants the distance of the equator from each pole 8 short of a boy band 8.6 shy of normal 15 Kevin [...]

Ninety degrees (a poem)

A bit of random musing/free association… a corner a quarter a sideways glance a hot summer afternoon a scorcher a day for shorts instead of pants thirty people under interrogation repetition repetition repetition halfway between the poles a different place on the spectrum an entirely different proposition (2 July 2015—posted July 3)