Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour One: The doors on the right will open

Off to a good start. I wrote my first poem of the day while watching a YouTube video of a trip on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, as viewed from the cockpit. You will step out onto the platform into the humid embrace of the summer afternoon You will melt as you melt into the crowd of which [...]

Somewhere along the line (or A poem in which I exhaust the metaphor of life as a train trip)

Up late after hearing about the death of Muhammad Ali and watching old clips on YouTube. Every day, the train makes its run along the line at each stop, a few more people exit the car At first, the train remains mostly full it still has a long way to go For the longest time, [...]

Somewhere faraway (a poem)

Yesterday morning, I arrived early for an appointment. For my in-car listening that morning, I had chosen a mixtape I made in 1987 (the CD player in my car stopped working back in February). One of the songs on the tape, included as an instrumental interlude, was ‘Somewhere Faraway’, from Melon’s 1987 album Deep Cut. (Club-goers may [...]