Somewhere faraway (a poem)

Yesterday morning, I arrived early for an appointment. For my in-car listening that morning, I had chosen a mixtape I made in 1987 (the CD player in my car stopped working back in February). One of the songs on the tape, included as an instrumental interlude, was ‘Somewhere Faraway’, from Melon’s 1987 album Deep Cut. (Club-goers may remember Melon from dance track ‘Hardcore Hawaiian’.) Seeing that title on the j-card started me thinking, and I began to write…

Somewhere faraway
the last train is leaving
before the station lights go dark

Somewhere faraway
a door closes quietly
leaving behind a room full of troubles

Somewhere faraway
someone is remembering
what it was like before

Somewhere faraway
a sigh fills the space
someone feeling the same way I do

(12 September 2014)