We’ll never have Paris (a poem)

This poem has absolutely nothing to do with that thing. A fragrance unnoticed A gesture remembered long after it fades Glances that long but trail off… In the end the turning away (24 May 2020) Wishes sometimes have consequences—available to order from your favorite local bookstore! IndieBound search: https://www.indiebound.org/search/book?keys=wishes+sometimes+have+consequences If they can’t get it for [...]

This title has nothing to do with whatever the poem is about (a poem)

A little of this, and a little of that… Often I run out of metaphors or oblique ways to tell truth Emotion flows around the shapes pooling in inconvenient places Light bends, tricking perception irises widen, petals close Sleep comes in a close second not caring—it’s too tired The poem lingers between spaces defying capture [...]

We don’t have cloudbursts where I live (a poem)

I was listening to ‘Cloudburst on Shingle Street’ by Thomas Dolby, which got me to thinking about rain… instead, the pavement darkens a shade or two when no one is looking high-school vanity, tourists, and transplants fumble for their umbrellas the local news talks about how this year’s rainfall compares to last year’s at this [...]