Palette (a poem)

A New York Times video, winter weather, and some canvases and paints I haven’t touched yet (because I like to paint out on my deck, and it’s too cold). How many colours have you seen in these clouds? Did you think they’d be your last or was it wishful thinking? Outlines disappear when grey skies [...]

My room (a poem)

The first line is borrowed (with permission) from I can feel the changes coming//expired film by S. R. Mason. Everything you say has four corners I choose the farthest one so I won’t have to face the consequences of my actions Newspapers pile up over weeks the centre of the room becomes my exile where I [...]

Moment in silence (a poem)

Allowing myself a philosophical moment at the end of the day. Being every possibility Living every eternity This is everything The moment ends it was nothing (4 February 2019) I have books available. Links to more information here.  Or, if you like, you can use PayPal to donate a buck (or whatever amount you'd like) [...]