A post-cinema politic (a poem)

About a movie but not. Pre-war kitsch Post-war roots exposed, thirsty The present moment elaborate fiction wounded confused outlines colorless and unfilled the bright, shining moment blurred and murky In this set piece nothing exists under the spotlight no glory only shadow The other side of the wall (25 November 2020—posted November 26) Wishes sometimes [...]

Blustery (a poem)

. She may not be the photograph I’m seeing I tend to see faces in places where they don’t belong When the wind rips the screen apart I pick up the scraps and sigh (17 November 2020) Wishes sometimes have consequences is available to order from your favorite local bookstore. IndieBound search: https://www.indiebound.org/search/book?keys=wishes+sometimes+have+consequences If they [...]

Is it love, loneliness, or the feeling that I may have made the wrong decision? (a poem)

Thinking about the ways I think sometimes. You know, I might have imagined something like that had my imagination not decided to hold out for a better offer Instead, I hold every regret a little closer than before in hopes that something will change Some things never change — I may have wanted to say [...]