National Poetry Writing Month 2023, Day 30

Dropped the plot for a few days, but I was watching Moonage Daydream last night, and this is what came out. So I’m off prompt, but back for Day 30:

Odd sections about weather

Where there is weather
(I don’t know where I got that idea from
but it feels familiar)
maybe we still have a connection

The sky above me
is part of the sky
above you
and vice versa

and the wind
travels far
and back

(The old clichés are often true)

As I listen to an orchestra
of chameleons making noise
for noise’s sake
and feel the colors
without knowing what they are
the image of a man long gone
reconstitutes on a screen

(The sound of the orchestra fades)

When the weather changes
everything else changes

Roll the windows down
Roll the windows up

(Sometimes there aren’t many choices)

I know there are numbers everywhere
but I still think in shapes
and feel in abstracts
looking for the analogue
that shows me who I am
and tells me where I’m supposed to be

(Who am I supposed to be?)

Who is the weather?

(Who is the weather?)

I’ve never been to Hong Kong—
and it’s not there anymore
except in the movies

(It’s not there anymore)

I feel the weather sometimes
regardless of what it is

Open the windows
Close the windows

(Open your eyes)

I know there are shapes everywhere
but I keep looking at the numbers
and feel the distortion in the fabric

There is no analogue
for something that hasn’t happened before

(I may not be who I appear to be)

I don’t think about the weather
where you are
but I remember what it was like

(The warm tatami smell…)

(29 April 2023—posted 30 April 2023)




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