Dream journal, 9 October 2021

An unexpected dreaming phase happening lately… A field of sound. Layering one sound upon another changes both in a fundamental way. The resulting box is unrecognizable. Another sound layered upon another sound. This time, the result is stillness—a singular entity, present but without motion. It is neither continuous nor a pulse. Unchanging. * * * [...]

Jasper – MP (a poem)

Inspired by photos I saw online today… •A little house, dark blue Sadness lives therefragments litter the tabletopjunk drawer contents, the front yard ••A one-eyed cat, orangeexpressionless, staring It’s not saying anythingeither But it knows something •••Everything is gone nownothing left to give a fuck aboutbut the black rose Turn all the locksslap a sign [...]