Dream journal fragment, 22 September 2021

From a recent dream… [Referring to a tall, wooden fence around the property:] “We closed. The place is ours now, so we finally have a wall.”  (22 September 2021—typed & posted 3 October 2021) Wishes sometimes have consequences is available to order from your favorite local bookstore. IndieBound search: https://www.indiebound.org/search/book?keys=wishes+sometimes+have+consequences If they can’t get it for [...]

A poem about my ongoing fallow phase

A partial description of my ongoing difficulty writing new poems that I actually like… It doesn’t sound like a poemof literary tone and profound depth It doesn’t sound like a memoirrevealing the truth about its subject It doesn’t sound like a confessionalexpressing innermost thoughtsdaring to be spoken aloud It sounds more like a collectionof the [...]

Mirror (a poem)

Written while watching the Tarkovsky film and listening to the Chiky(u)u compilation… As the cabin burnsin defiance of the downpourTupelo comes to mind not as the birthplace of Elvisbut as a group of soundsrolling off the tongue of my inner voice The sounds of rumbling earthburnish the crackling of the flameswhich have their own quiet [...]

8/8 fragment poem

Well, I couldn’t call it ‘Sunday impressions’ because there’s already a Pizzicato Five song by that name. Good morning to the lucky dayon calendars halfway around the world How it happened to come hereis a human invention that managed to stickbecause it has a logic all its ownthat we’ve so far failed to grasp Infinity [...]

Fire season (a poem)

Yup, the country's going to hell… Burning insideBurning inside Catch me I’mCatch me I’mburning inside Steam escaping through the cracksand time escaping through the cracksand the whole thing going cattywampuswhere the last thing you’d expectwould be for everything to go rightand everything to go wrongand the offramp to go past our destination The last thing [...]