National Poetry Writing Month 2023, Day 15

Back on prompt for Day 15:

From time to time
people write words about the recluse

they’re usually in the past tense
and sometimes quote things
the subject said at the time

(He rarely says much now—
you know, because he’s playing the role of recluse)

Over time,
patterns have emerged
ebb and flow

with a reluctance to look back
and a preference
for jettisoning the past

the past occupies front and center—
old works of art
cleaned up and put
in brand new frames

and sometimes
old photos brought out
to share
(without comment)

Then the people who write words
write new words
about the old art

Sometimes they have something new to say

The recluse is mostly silent
or busy making photographs in his car

perhaps feeling like he’s close to being
the last of his kind

(14 April 2023—posted 15 April 2023)




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