National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 20

My Day 20 poem, based on the prompt at When it comes to foodnoodles have all the fun Though they spend only a short time cookingthey’re drained when they’re done And then they get saucyall tangled up togetherand frequently twisted—hardly surprising, what withall those mushroomsand red wine And if someone adds oil when cookingthen [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #20 (pt. 2)

Here is my Day 20 poem using the prompt: Write a poem grounded in language as it is spoken. Oh, man—I don’t know about that I thought it was a good idea but the way it turned out? Yeah, I don’t know about that When they first brought it up I said DO IT [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #20 (pt. 1)

Here is my poem for Day 20 using the POETRYisEVERYTHING prompt: three or four naani. A naani consists of four lines, with a total of 20–25 syllables. Not bound to a particular subject, but depends upon human relations and current statements. Mine are connected, an adaptation and continuation of a poem I wrote last night [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 20

The prompt for Day 20 is ‘to write a poem that involves rebellion in some way.’ Since part of my writing practice is to regularly find ways to rebel against my own natural tendencies, this required some extra thought. What I came up with is to take a poem I recently wrote (but haven’t posted anywhere) [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 20

My day 20 poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt from—to write a poem that ‘incorporates the vocabulary and imagery of a specific sport or game.’ ‘You changed 6 hours ago’ said the line below the name of the file… Sometimes it feels as though I change every time I tag in but usually it seems [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #20 (April 20, 2014)

Family poems seem to be all the rage among poetry prompts today; both and Writer's Digest suggest writing a 'family poem' for today's prompt. (Okay, that's only two. Still…) Number 20 on LitBridge's list of prompts involves imagining 'living 300 or more years ago', with 'the same personality and body'. (Yeah, I can't see myself [...]