2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Twelve: Sleep of the Golden Hour

Success! This is my twelfth poem of the day, meaning I have finished the half-marathon. I think a nap is in order… 1 At last I am home with you We are tucked in bed sheets clean and fresh pillows cool and soft (not too soft) Side by side your head resting on my chest [...]

2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Nine: Apologies to the spider I flushed down the toilet in a wadded-up tissue

Ninth poem of the day. I would normally have scooped you up in a glass and taken you outside but you did a Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible and came down from the ceiling to right in front of my face bringing the fight to me This I cannot abide (5 August 2017) The original [...]

2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Eight: A treatise on shame (facsimile)

The prompt was to take a line from a poem and use it to write a golden shove. The line I used as my inspiration comes from Milan Kundera’s novel Immortality: ‘Shame means that we resist what we desire, and feel ashamed that we desire what we resist.’ (p. 330 of the 1991 Faber and Faber [...]

2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Six: Amber afternoon

Sixth poem of the day. Where this is going suspension of time  is to be expected That’s what always happens to me when I surrender Under this sky suspended in amber  an artefact from some undefined age this moment knows no history it belongs to you and me, today Stretch out beside me I’ll rub [...]

2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Five: Zesto’s

Fifth poem of the day. Wednesday afternoon walking the few blocks down the hill with a dollar in my pocket past the Presbyterian church and neighboring houses through the vacant lot to get to the shortcut Sliding down the dirt embankment to the parking lot on Rainier Avenue I make sure I have my dollar [...]

2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Four: Close your eyes

Fourth poem of the day. Stop Close your eyes and go to sleep When you close your eyes do you dream? Try not to close your eyes without dreaming Now close your eyes What do you see? (5 August 2017) The original post is here: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2017-poetry-marathon-hour-four-close-your-eyes/ Don’t forget to check out the other poems!

2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Three: Eternity now

Third poem of the day. I’m not sure how I feel about eternity now As an escape, it’s flawed because you can never come back As a feeling, it’s frustrating because sometimes you just want to get on with it And what sort of eternity are we talking about? Is it forever and ever or [...]