2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Eight: Sevenling (Two directions)

My Hour 8 poem. Two directions traversed at once the map folded in half and deliberately marked Signposts conspicuously absent the face of the compass blank with the needle missing This is quite a journey (22 June 2019) The original post is at https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/sevenling-two-directions/ Don’t forget to check out the other poems! Wishes sometimes have [...]

2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Eight: A treatise on shame (facsimile)

The prompt was to take a line from a poem and use it to write a golden shove. The line I used as my inspiration comes from Milan Kundera’s novel Immortality: ‘Shame means that we resist what we desire, and feel ashamed that we desire what we resist.’ (p. 330 of the 1991 Faber and Faber [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Eight: My stupid obsessions

Eighth poem of the day. The prompt for the hour was to write a pantoum… I hate all the thoughts that keep me awake because my mind refuses to relax taking my body along for the ride long after I have closed my eyes Because my mind refuses to relax I toss and turn and worry [...]