2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Twelve: We forged on…

My Hour 12 poem—and that's a wrap. The prompt was to do an erasure poem, so I went to the photograph I'd taken a few weeks back of p. 143 from Cosey Fanni Tutti’s art sex music (Faber & Faber, 2017): We forged on— artists, poets and musicians He was wild dangerous and uncompromising I [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Eleven: Dear Kevin who likes to take shortcuts sometimes

My Hour 11 poem. The prompt was to write a poem in the form of a letter to a past self. I knew exactly which one to pick… Okay, we have to talk Every few years you try to save yourself time or effort by taking shortcuts You know what I’m talking about— don’t even [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Ten: After breakfast

My Hour 10 poem. The prompt was to use at least five of the following words: canteen – dock – fir – hush – moonbeam – shelf – damn – coffee – concrete – fog The coffee at the canteen’s no damn good, you know I think the supplier slipped the kitchen super a bag [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Nine: The mortgaged heart

My Hour 9 poem. 1 Somehow I’ve never thought to say anything it’s hard to complain when the terms have never been disclosed and you don’t know who holds the note or when it’s supposed to come due I guess I’ve always figured the payments will eventually get to the right person 2 Is every [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Eight: Sevenling (Two directions)

My Hour 8 poem. Two directions traversed at once the map folded in half and deliberately marked Signposts conspicuously absent the face of the compass blank with the needle missing This is quite a journey (22 June 2019) The original post is at https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/sevenling-two-directions/ Don’t forget to check out the other poems! Wishes sometimes have [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Seven: Interlude

My Hour 7 poem. Inspired by this piece of music I recorded back in March: Moonlight shines on the back of her neck suggesting muted colours, light textures a flowing arc I am intrigued, enchanted but keep a respectful distance This moment is a haven I am but a wanderer seeking sanctuary Yes, I may [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Six: Welcome to my little corner of the world

My Hour 6 poem. Back on track. This is my apartment my refrigerator is either freezing cold or room temperature This is my desk where my computer is I prepare to do everything here This is my sofa—it’s orange! I do everything here This is my car the CD player is broken but I can [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Five: 20 February 1993

My Hour 5 poem. I had to go back to my journals for this one. The man behind the counter has a drinking problem He ignores me I leave In the middle of the grassy field on the other side of the chain-link fence an old woman, wrapped in blankets and shawls rocks in her [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Four: Moorage

My Hour 4 poem, based on a photograph by Jake Allison. This one took a little longer… Anchored and waiting calm seas under marble-blue sky dreaming about land Archipelagos long to sail on oceans wide leave countries behind In the bay, we sleep our boat swaying with the waves and green-blue sea dreams (22 June [...]