2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Three: Morning menu

My Hour 3 poem… Eight a.m. Grey skies, cool breeze just light enough to avoid a “Quiche Lorraine” kind of day The birds are oblivious to such concerns tweeting, twittering, and chirping away as they do The sounds of the creek though muffled by the thicket of green along its banks are present, as always [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Two: Mahou

My Hour 2 poem. Mahou (魔法) is the Japanese word for magic… No tricks No illusions No miracles No deception No sleight of hand No Houdini or Henning No mystical mumbo-jumbo No elaborate attempts at misdirection No sparkly filters or rose-coloured spectacles None of that When eyes meet, the connection is made— feelings sensed, warmth [...]