2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Ten: After breakfast

My Hour 10 poem. The prompt was to use at least five of the following words:

canteen – dock – fir – hush – moonbeam – shelf – damn – coffee – concrete – fog

The coffee at the canteen’s no damn good, you know
I think the supplier slipped the kitchen super
a bag of cement mixed with topsoil—
you’d think they’d have figured it out
when the shelf collapsed under the weight of the sack

But no, they kept it hush-hush
so Lieutenant Moonbeam won’t end up
scraping barnacles from a ship in drydock

They must figure the guys on guard duty
won’t care what they’re drinking
when it gets so cold the fog turns to ice

I hear Corporal Feynman used that slop
to cement a fir stump to the Lieutenant’s Lexus the other day…


(22 June 2019)

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