Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Eight: My stupid obsessions

Eighth poem of the day. The prompt for the hour was to write a pantoum… I hate all the thoughts that keep me awake because my mind refuses to relax taking my body along for the ride long after I have closed my eyes Because my mind refuses to relax I toss and turn and worry [...]

the longest night (A poem)

A nasty cold is not particularly conducive to writing poetry, but I gave it a shot… Snorting, sneezing, scratchy-throat coughing—one giant throb Sleeping for minutes that feel like hours of hard work Every cell remains inert in formation as a blob tired of awakening every five minutes with a jerk Sleeping for minutes that feel [...]

Broken teeth and second-degree burns (A poem)

A pantoum inspired by physical sensations and the occasional mind-body struggle. When it feels as though my teeth are about to shatter and the hot and cold shoot down to the pit of my stomach I have to remember that mere physical sensations aren’t supposed to matter Steady concentration is supposed to put me back on [...]

Whirlwind tour (A poem)

Back to the pantoum again. (Note that, although there is an actual word, carbonnade, that refers to Flemish beef stew, carbonade in this poem is a made-up word.) What from the carbonade tempts you to follow at such close distance when fifty percent don’t know who sent you enough to care about your view askance to follow at [...]

The truth about sci-fi aliens (A poem)

A pantoum I wrote while watching Farscape and contemplating depictions of alien lifeforms in sci-fi… The alien characters are often the most intriguing but are never all that different from humanity to their basic forms, down to their way of speaking add color, an appendage, and a wide streak of insanity They’re never all that [...]

On Yumi’s birthday (A poem)

Continuing to explore the pantoum… The day has come around again you know, the one Shakespeare warned about Normally, I’d be contacting my old friend on the anniversary of her birth—though she’d probably be out You know, the one Shakespeare warned about (something to do with Julius Caesar) On the anniversary of my friend’s birth—though [...]

If you didn’t want me to write about you, you should have treated me better #2 (A poem)

Back to the pantoum, this time to vent a bit. (Yes, it’s bitter—but the first iteration was outright mean, so I have actually taken a step up…) I almost feel sorry for you, you know Someone with your experience should really know better Did something happen out there that made you fail to grow? I always wonder [...]