Recent reading

Between bouts of worrying about everything going to shit, I have managed to do some reading. Books I have finished (yay!) M Train—Patti Smith sublime subliminal liminal—Rena Priest view with a grain of sand: selected poems—Wisław Szymborska Sobbing Superpower: Selected Poems of Tadeus Różewicz—Tadeus Różewicz Two-Minute Mysteries Collection—Donald J. Sobol Books in progress The Book of [...]

Smashwords e-books 50% off now through January 1st

Well, I did not get the notice of the promotion from Smashwords until today—but I have entered my books now. This means that all Smashwords e-book editions of my poetry collections and Love Notes to the Days of the Week books are 50% off through New Year’s Day. The discount should be automatically included when you [...]

The validity of best-of lists

I spotted this on Twitter earlier this afternoon: I can understand the poster’s frustration, but this suggestion seems entirely useless. Why? Well, I have some thoughts on that. For one thing, I doubt that anyone who reads year-end ‘best-of’ lists does so under the misconception that the critics compiling them had read every single book (or [...]

My contributions to the culture, 2017

As we head into the final month of this dumpster fire of a year—all feast or famine, with bouts of depression, more car problems, having to rebuild my website, and general disgust with the state of the world—I need to step back for a moment and reflect on the things I was able to accomplish. [...]

For your ‘Cyber Monday’ shopping consideration

Now that we have entered the official year-end shopping season, I submit the following for your consideration: My most recent books ‘Dear Thursday…’ Love Notes to the Days of the Week, Volume Four 8: Eight-word Poems This Is Not the Book  That Will Save Your Life For the rest of my [...]