The viewing (a poem)

A memory from twenty-two years ago, somehow prompted by the first line… Sense the direction Drive Turn right at the church Park in front of the building you’ve never been to before Enter through the two doorways Ask the attendant at the front desk where the viewing is Follow the attendant to the room Sit [...]

Immeasurable? (a poem)

What happens when we lose count? The fingers of my hands are not enough A stadium full of people doing the wave is not enough A city full of people going about their lives is not enough The population of my state lined up with hands outstretched would not be enough What would be enough? [...]

Guilty pleasures (a poem)

I was looking at the latest call for submissions on the Memoir Mixtapes site, and that led to this… It’s 1978 everything I listen to is a guilty pleasure Through the years of elementary school and junior high I have always been one step behind or one step ahead of everyone else My tendency to [...]