My contributions to the culture, 2017

As we head into the final month of this dumpster fire of a year—all feast or famine, with bouts of depression, more car problems, having to rebuild my website, and general disgust with the state of the world—I need to step back for a moment and reflect on the things I was able to accomplish.

Here we go:

…but for the thoughts running through my mind (January)
I published my eighth collection of poems on January 1st. The e-book version followed a few weeks later.

Featured reader, PoetsWest x 2 (March)
I was a featured reader at back-to-back readings on March 11th.

Featured reader, Kanjin Yoga (March)
I was the featured reader at Kanjin Yoga’s monthly poetry thing on the last Friday of the month. Unfortunately, it came one week after a similar event at the same venue—plus there was a Sounders home game and at least two other poetry events happening that evening. Consequently, it was just me and the host for most of the evening, with two people coming in halfway through. There is video, but I haven’t viewed or posted any of it.

National Poetry Writing Month 2017 (April)
This was my fifth year participating in ‘NaPoWriMo’. I again used the ‘official’ prompts. My Day 8 poem, ‘The ballad of Ted Knight’, was the featured poem the following day, making it my most-viewed post of the year. (A slightly revised version will be part of my next poetry collection, The Lilac Years.)

This Is Not the Book That Will Save Your Life (April)
I published my ninth collection of poems on April 28th. (This time, I published the e-book version the previous week.)

Featured reader, Mountlake Terrace Library (May)
Fellow PoetsWest member Rayn Roberts set up a reading at the Mountlake Terrace Library on May 27th; I was one of the featured readers, along with Terry Busch and Eugene Marckx.

@ellowrites spotlight on ello (June)
I got the @ellowrites spotlight treatment on June 7th. You can check it out here.

2017 Poetry Marathon (August)
For the second year in a row, I participated in—and completed—the half-marathon, writing and posting 12 new poems in 12 hours. My Hour 10 poem, ‘Red’, appears in the recently published anthology, The 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology.

Featured reader, SoulFood Poetry Night (September)
I was a featured reader, along with Tiel Aisha Ansari, Art Gomez, and Rayn Roberts, on September 21st. You can watch the video here.

‘Persistent Foreboding’ (October)

8: Eight-word Poems (October)
For the month of August, I gave myself the challenge of writing eight-word poems. They turned out so well that I decided to publish all of them as their own book.

Featured reader, A Creative Commons Celebration (November)
Despite car problems keeping me from many of the readings I usually attend, this event was just close enough from home that I was able to participate in this event, put on by The Seattle Star. I’m told that video is forthcoming; in the meantime, you can read the exquisite-corpse poem I contributed to here, and two poems I wrote based on a fragment by Priscilla Long here.

Copy editor, TEDxSeattle (October/November)
I helped copy edit and proofread the printed program for this year’s TEDxSeattle event, as well as for some new material added to the TEDxSeattle website.

‘Dear Thursday…’ (November)
For the second year in a row, I was on top of things. I had the book ready for pre-ordering within three weeks of finishing the fourth year of entries.

Featured poet, Everett Poetry Night (December) (?)
Assuming I am able to either get my car fixed in time or rent a car for the night, I am scheduled to be Everett Poetry Night’s featured poet on December 7th. I’ve been looking forward to this one—I’ve even got a fresh batch of copies of 8: Eight-word Poems for the occasion.

Coming up next will be The Lilac Years, which I expect to have out in February or March. For now, I will keep plugging away. Stay tuned—and thanks for playing!

(1 December 2017)