Recent reading

Between bouts of worrying about everything going to shit, I have managed to do some reading. Books I have finished (yay!) M Train—Patti Smith sublime subliminal liminal—Rena Priest view with a grain of sand: selected poems—Wisław Szymborska Sobbing Superpower: Selected Poems of Tadeus Różewicz—Tadeus Różewicz Two-Minute Mysteries Collection—Donald J. Sobol Books in progress The Book of [...]

A partial list of bad things (a poem)

My verbless poem challenge feels extra challenging today, so this one is a list poem. … Air quotes Cigarette smoke The devil below Republican leaders Bottom feeders Walmart greeters Weak links Clogged sinks Dry erase ink Oil spills Fever with chills Unpaid bills Macaroni collage A Monica Geller massage Self-sabotage The dating game Spirals of [...]

A morning poem (a poem)

The January 16th prompt in The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice, by Kelli Russell Agodon & Martha Silano, is to come up with a list of ten words each about oil and snow, then to alternate a word from the two lists in each line of a poem until all the words have been [...]

The dream is over (A poem)

Contemplating things that have and have not changed… It’s been forty-five years half the Beatles are dead the Stones are old men What once was victory is now a bitter memory in the hearts of angry men Some confuse hate with heritage but hate has history, too The trouble spots are where they meet and [...]

50 things I have learned

I started this last month, shortly after my birthday—but then other stuff came up, and it kind of got pushed to the side. But, now it's done! So! Here is… 50 things I have learned Let the dog or cat smell your hand before you try to pet its head. Even the most open-minded person [...]

Yes and No (another partial assessment)

NO (1000x NO!) coloring bleaching cosmetics waxing electrolysis shots nips tucks lifts unnecessary scars contacts pills ointments mutilation caps implants shortcuts restraints restrictions constrictions self-denial gratuitousness (except when it comes to comedy) YES (Yeeeeeesssssss!) touch texture caresses taps hugs smooches lingering skin natural beauty movement sweat breathing being clarity senses revelation revelry immersion reflection reciprocity [...]