Some circles are never unbroken (a poem)

Up past midnight again, but I did have a reason… Your Valentine is a cherry-pop pop song twitching nervously on a crackly, staticky radio dying on a corner table in an empty room I am the oddly lost beacon of desperation tripping down a deserted street trying to stay two steps ahead of the lightning [...]

The dream is over (A poem)

Contemplating things that have and have not changed… It’s been forty-five years half the Beatles are dead the Stones are old men What once was victory is now a bitter memory in the hearts of angry men Some confuse hate with heritage but hate has history, too The trouble spots are where they meet and [...]

The Brandy Chronicles (a sequel)

I am fighting the inclination to add this to the poem in my forthcoming collection. For now, I present it as a continuation… 5 Sipping hasn’t done much good: the bottle is empty my mouth is on fire I still have feelings I really do enjoy the taste with or without embellishment I like the [...]

Immersion fantasy (A poem)

A mid-afternoon fantasy of sorts… I’d love for you to come get numb with me Okay, maybe not ‘numb’— but certainly relaxed and loosened up melting just enough to dive into each other’s pools letting the warm, warm water lift us up and carry us over the edge to where we might float with abandon [...]

The brandy chronicles (A poem)

As a moderate drinker, I don’t much like the stronger stuff (generally speaking, anything stronger than Bailey’s). Once or twice a year, though, I do enjoy a bit of brandy…   1 Caramel or with coffee smooth in amber deceptively intoxicating bewitching to the senses tingling upon my tongue Given enough time I would drink you [...]

Irish coffee fantasy (a poem)

Just a small fantasy I had while drinking a homemade Irish coffee… Let’s make these coffees Irish loosen up a bit follow the warmth down our bellies and wherever else it leads until we wake up together one fuzzy morning with the sunlight from the window in our eyes Let’s laze together under heavy quilts [...]