The brandy chronicles (a sequel) (A poem)

Not much writing these last couple of days. I feel I have been repeating myself a bit too much lately…

Oh, it burns so sweet!
Wouldn’t you love to have more?
I promise no dramatic pauses
we can swing it out
like we never did before

I can imagine in vivid detail
the course of the evening to come
the soft touch and warm sensation
of sweet, hot breath and skin on skin
like nothing ever before

Oh, the sweet scent that surrounds you!
I don’t care what it is
it feels like a miracle in blue
the fragrance of a rainbow-rich meadow
next to waters of bliss with a promise of more

Sleep next to me
Dream along with me
I long to be with you
wherever you want to be
Will you give me a chance?
Will you give me a chance?

(31 October 2015—posted November 1st)

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