Denial of access (A poem)

Is this Monday? Then I don’t get it… How do I convince the gatekeepers to let me in? They don’t have to let me stay but they could at least give me a chance The dramatis personae may change but isn’t that good for the play? Certainly different actors bring different things to their roles [...]

Infatuated (A poem)

The rare poem written on my phone (so as not to disturb the cat on my lap)… Infatuated drawn from weaponry I do not know how to use My feelings pull back to avoid the inevitable conflict between their poles They cannot stretch that far without distorting something ephemeral into permanent disfigurement flaws mapped onto [...]

Entry for Refusal to Remain Invisible book giveaway starts tonight

Enter to win one of three signed copies of my latest poetry collection, Refusal to Remain Invisible, on Goodreads: The entry period starts October 27th at midnight, and ends November 10th at midnight. This one will be open to readers in the US and Canada. (26 October 2015)