Noise repellent (a poem)

Sometimes, you should let the art speak for itself… Names and images for shock value pointless exercises unworthy of the sound cheap spectacle in the name of outrageousness juvenile dementia underground Textures and angles in fascination’s home molten sound waves from cones and cores Pictures and facsimiles splotchy, with ragged edges association by adjacent placement [...]

You have distracted me from my creative process (A poem)

Getting closer to the truth with this one… Your persistent, insistent pressure has driven me to distraction face down on the pillow screaming silently for relief The walls surrounding me witness this small spectacle without comment though perhaps not without judgement Meanwhile, I count the ticks that comprise each eternal second knowing that the moment [...]

Denial of access (A poem)

Is this Monday? Then I don’t get it… How do I convince the gatekeepers to let me in? They don’t have to let me stay but they could at least give me a chance The dramatis personae may change but isn’t that good for the play? Certainly different actors bring different things to their roles [...]