The busybody hive mind goes apeshit (a poem)

Something topical for the last day of my verbless-poem month… Lightning quick with a daredevil mind Seconds between safety and danger freedom and the cage the decision and the execution All of that ink over assignment of blame with little justification beyond misanthropy NIMBY-land pride and boredom on a May afternoon Shadows, sheriffs, and logical [...]

ART 53, day 24

This Is Fifty-Three, day 24 Worked on preliminary layouts for Secrets today. I’ve been bad about tracking actual hours, but I can say that today I worked through Silver Streak, Between the Lines, and Ghostbusters (which should be just about finished by the time I have posted this). As expected, this was much simpler than [...]

The inconsequential daydreams of a cracked shell (a poem)

I don’t know what this is, but I wrote it anyway. The sharp edges of fire every piece of knowledge not mine empty amidst the fragrant screens soot, smoke, charcoal, and ash exceptions to the protocol of layers and their command of facts Insinuations in fragments on the ground next to walls of shadow, doubt, [...]

Sinistrata (a poem)

In the twilight through the window from next door the sounds of melancholy and despair once deep within now out in the open darkness under shadow and cover One solitary figure there in the space an architect of gloom a raw wound open and fresh Washes and waves questions in sustain with percussive accents a [...]