Pleasantville (a poem)

Continuing my verbless journey through May… Fire in the trees color, light, heat, ash Symbolism with intent a cocktail of confusion A sea change worlds in flux jazz afternoons blues in the night Fear of knowledge fear of youth Resistance—Pushback—Struggle—Conflict One way or another the inevitable resolution Lessons from the imagination (3 M3ay 2016)

Here at Rainbow Ridge we could get lost for days and days before they knew we were gone (A poem)

Managing to get some things down on paper despite being mostly occupied with meeting a Monday deadline… I don’t think rainbows have ridges but that’s where we seem to be going From end to end short-wave to long-wave colors bleed and the mist makes an array of millions of tiny lenses that seem to follow [...]

A Japanese image (a poem)

Inspired by a photograph by Hisatomi Tadahiko… The shadow makes you look like a statue a warrior in shades of grey your sharpened features ready to show no mercy poised to attack from every angle Your expression is blank a cipher open to interpretation but giving nothing away not even your full lips and heavy-lidded [...]

self-portrait from three years ago (a poem)

Inspired by a photograph from three years ago (and an English subtitle from a Japanese drama I was watching on Hulu). ‘…but you weren’t yourself after all.’ The world you knew had ceased to exist; everything was now different. Even the little bit of same around the edges could not change this new essential truth. [...]