Pleasantville (a poem)

Continuing my verbless journey through May… Fire in the trees color, light, heat, ash Symbolism with intent a cocktail of confusion A sea change worlds in flux jazz afternoons blues in the night Fear of knowledge fear of youth Resistance—Pushback—Struggle—Conflict One way or another the inevitable resolution Lessons from the imagination (3 M3ay 2016)

Have you suffered enough? (a poem)

Up early this morning, I was watching Sliders, of all things… 1 Love and art make demands sometimes even the strongest cannot bear Wreckage and debris litter the path what’s left but to navigate the hazards? You can’t calculate that sort of thing 2 Shelter and security exist only on the outside Inside, we’re at the [...]

Pop will eat itself (a poem)

Nothing to do with the band, although I am listening to The Pop Will Eat Itself Cure for Sanity right now… Pop will eat itself if we let it just like that one monster in Yellow Submarine that sucks the entire world out of existence (except, of course, for The Beatles) I can think of worse [...]

‘The sweetest melody is an unheard refrain’ (a poem)

Since I was put out of commission yesterday by Sneezefest 2015, I am posting a second poem today. This one is inspired by a line from the ABC song ‘Poison Arrow’… Someone once wrote that imagination is a powerful deceiver Perhaps not as powerful as the ugly voice that tells you the truths you won’t hear [...]

imaginary picket line (a poem)

No prompts—just working from a random phrase that popped into my head… This imagination trapped itself between walls of truth and apprehension then ran to the door, pounding and screaming and demanding to be let out See, I don’t really see truth; all I see is apprehension— and that makes me afraid My imagination objects, [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #3 (April 3, 2013)

I ignored the writing prompt for day #3 as well. Not interested so much in sea shanties, I'm afraid. In anticipation of your arrival I will make a special place for you to feel at home With trepidation and a nervous heart I will place my tender soul before you this very night No expectations [...]