National Poetry Writing Month: Day #3 (April 3, 2013)

I ignored the writing prompt for day #3 as well. Not interested so much in sea shanties, I’m afraid.

In anticipation
of your arrival
I will make
a special place
for you
to feel at home

With trepidation
and a nervous heart
I will place
my tender soul
before you
this very night

No expectations
but I can’t help wondering
(I can’t help wanting)
Do you have expectations?
(I can’t help wondering)

My imagination
will not sit still
If it’s all right
my heart will speak
to you
to let you know

No hesitation
will be needed
I will take
such special care
for you
to feel at home

But when I wake
all this will disappear
No recollections
just an empty feeling
for the dream
I once held dear

(4 April 2013—written 3 April 2013)