National Poetry Writing Month: Day #2 (April 2 , 2013)

For day 2, I ignored the writing prompt. Instead, I wrote about the previous night’s dreams…

“Like you,”
she said,
“that’s a cover
for what I’m feeling.”

She lowered the glass
from her mouth,
then placed her lips
to mine.

The kiss was brief,
speaking the sadness
we found ourselves unable to
any other way.

It was then I confessed
before the dream
grew dim
with my memory.

She approached me

in silence
in a coat of black and white
her face
nearly expressionless

The room was dim
lit only by the glow
of the rows
of idle screens
facing empty chairs

She sat on my lap
and turned towards me
her face barely visible
amidst the interior twilight

Our kiss
was long,
infinite anguish,
bottomless despair

When it ended,
she hurried away
without even a backward glance;
I turned to face my oblivion

(4 April 2013—written 2 April 2013)