Passage (A poem)

Another small break from the pantoum, because I just spent some time constructing a couple of new poems from the first lines of some of my previous poems… Within you the hunger had not been seen for some time It’s been a year now There’s an old photo on your wall the frames have no glass [...]

Are all poems about love and sadness? (A poem)

Written during last night’s open mic… Sometimes it does seem that way when songs of despair form verse and the secrets of imperfect hearts lay bare their imperfections and hesitations to the coffeehouse floor These are the very things I have tried to leave behind on my travels through the printed page while leaving a [...]

Questions about storytime (a poem)

Wrote this during one of the many folk songs people played at open mic earlier… Are people really as sad as the songs they sing? Tonight we’re here and we’re together what more do we need? What stories do our emotions tell when we let them out at night? Do they embellish what they tell [...]

Unbroken (a poem)

Inspired by the ‘Broken’ episode of House… ‘I’m sick of life being interesting.’ Her sigh of resignation reverberated throughout the tiny space as she bowed her head and closed her eyes ‘When I came here, I was happy—now I’m not.’ Her eyes filled with tears her breath stuttered The room grew thick with the silence of disappointment [...]

You (a poem)

Another HoneLife poetry exercise, this one on the theme of thankfulness… Each time I see you I feel a warmth like nothing else the sparkle in your eyes matches the smile on your face You have a way of expressing the things I feel but cannot say the sadness in your eyes reflects the tenderness [...]

Why I don’t drink wine anymore (a poem)

The November 21st prompt in The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice, by Kelli Russell Agodon & Martha Silano, is to ‘[w]rite a poem that begins After three glasses of wine or After three shots of whiskey and continue writing about the antics that follow.’ I After three glasses of wine I go on a YouTube bender posting everything [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #2 (April 2 , 2013)

For day 2, I ignored the writing prompt. Instead, I wrote about the previous night's dreams… I "Like you," she said, "that's a cover for what I'm feeling." She lowered the glass from her mouth, then placed her lips to mine. The kiss was brief, speaking the sadness we found ourselves unable to any other [...]