Soft edges (a poem)

Argh! Yesterday was frustrating when it came to writing. This one will need some work… The soft edges outline moving shapes I know what some of them are others remain mysterious at best The words that accompany them are far outside my experience still, I manage to relate some stories tell themselves (26 September 2015—posted September 27th)

Annoying plot twists (a poem)

When I was done with Louis, I turned to Fargo… Characters make stupid choices for the sake of entertainment A smart person would have turned that one down instead of saying ‘yes’ when pressed Now all kinds of crazy stuff is going to happen no matter how far away he runs On the bright side, the network [...]

No fingerprints (a poem)

Written while watching the Season 2 finale of Orange is the New Black… Fingerprints are nowhere to be found can they prove there was even a crime? The scene is vacant no signs of life What were they doing there anyway? How do ghosts get by without being noticed? (I don’t believe all that crap [...]

Questions about storytime (a poem)

Wrote this during one of the many folk songs people played at open mic earlier… Are people really as sad as the songs they sing? Tonight we’re here and we’re together what more do we need? What stories do our emotions tell when we let them out at night? Do they embellish what they tell [...]

Boom Boom (out go the lights)

We had a bit of a windstorm in the Seattle area today. Following a couple of false starts, the power finally went out shortly before 11 a.m. After the last few years, I'm kind of used to the power going out. From 2003 to 2012, I lived in suburbs where stormy weather and winter weather [...]