There’s no such thing as snow anymore (A poem)

An attempt to conceptually connect weather and television. 1 There’s no such thing as snow anymore outside of old movies on TV It used to be such a common thing the blank slate you could turn to once in a while a palate cleanser for the eyes 2 Outside, all was silence a blanket of white [...]

Annoying plot twists (a poem)

When I was done with Louis, I turned to Fargo… Characters make stupid choices for the sake of entertainment A smart person would have turned that one down instead of saying ‘yes’ when pressed Now all kinds of crazy stuff is going to happen no matter how far away he runs On the bright side, the network [...]

The revolution will not be televised (2015 edition) (a poem)

I was sitting in a waiting room when the first line of this poem popped into my head… The revolution will not be televised because they don’t want you to know it is happening By the time you find out it will have been won or lost and packaged as a reality show on cable [...]

Business as usual (a poem)

I couldn’t help but watch the news last night… Fires burn out of control tonight Once again, they’ve failed to do the right thing Now the canisters fly as the people cry out Now shots ring out; time, it seems, has changed nothing Police and fire flee the scene news crews observe mayhem out of [...]