There’s no such thing as snow anymore (A poem)

An attempt to conceptually connect weather and television.

There’s no such thing as snow anymore
outside of old movies on TV
It used to be such a common thing
the blank slate you could turn to once in a while
a palate cleanser for the eyes

Outside, all was silence
a blanket of white covering everything
the occasional crunching of footsteps
silently kicking up tufts of powder
leaving trails behind

Dancing electrons on the CRT
white noise from the speaker cone
chaos hypnotic, wild yet contained
Nothing else to see here
no signal coming through

Winter comes, bringing storms
wind and rain howling through the night
It’s cold, but not enough to freeze
At least the floods won’t come this far

CRT becomes LCD and LED
The antenna is replaced by the box
Empty channels now are blue screens
and complete silence

(6 October 2015)