Compilation tracks, 1996–1997

Three pieces released on compilations in 1996 and 1997; I reissued them as separate pieces in 2014.

‘Slip mode’ is an edited recording of me abusing a turntable I rescued from the dumpster of the apartment where I was living at the time. It originally appeared on a compilation cassette of music by folks subscribing to the Sylvian mailing list (back when internet mailing lists were a thing).

‘Gotanda-eki/Shibuya-eki/Ekimae’ was my contribution to the Wood Block Compilation double cassette released by Sound Probe Recordings.

‘Opacity grid’ was my contribution to Resurgence, a double-CD compilation of electronic artists from Oregon and Washington. I had trouble coming up with something new, so I dubbed ‘Refraction grid’ to a 4-track cassette, and used that as the basic for this new piece.

(1 December 2017)


Stone Temple Plots

A 1996 cassette release, edited down to EP length and remastered in 2014.

When David Bowie released his 1977 album Low, Nick Lowe responded by releasing an EP called Bowi. When the Stone Temple Pilots released their 1996 album Tiny Music, I responded with this.

(1 December 2017)

Observe Zero

Originally released on cassette in 1997, edited in 1999 for a CD-R version that I never released, then remastered and reissued in digital form in 2014. I gave this project the name Observe Zero. The two ‘Conduit’ pieces are based on the sounds of water; the ‘Observe Zero’ pieces are me making a lot of noise with a microphone and a couple of effects units.

(1 December 2017)

Live Anthology 1996–1997 Revisited

A 2014 reissue of a 2011 digital compilation that comprised two live cassette releases (one from 1996, one from 1997), both of which were recorded at the late, great Anomalous Records shop and performance space in Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

(1 December 2017)