The busybody hive mind goes apeshit (a poem)

Something topical for the last day of my verbless-poem month… Lightning quick with a daredevil mind Seconds between safety and danger freedom and the cage the decision and the execution All of that ink over assignment of blame with little justification beyond misanthropy NIMBY-land pride and boredom on a May afternoon Shadows, sheriffs, and logical [...]

Noise repellent (a poem)

Sometimes, you should let the art speak for itself… Names and images for shock value pointless exercises unworthy of the sound cheap spectacle in the name of outrageousness juvenile dementia underground Textures and angles in fascination’s home molten sound waves from cones and cores Pictures and facsimiles splotchy, with ragged edges association by adjacent placement [...]

More self-promotion: Tinty Music discography on Bandcamp

The folks at Bandcamp have added a new feature of sorts… I say ‘of sorts’ because it’s not immediately apparent until you go to the page for a specific album. Either way, Bandcamp have now made it possible to purchase an artist’s entire discography all at once (assuming the artist opts in, that is). So! You [...]

The nature of silence (A poem)

I spent yesterday watching Japanese movies checked out from the library. This poem was inspired by クローンは故郷をめざす (The Clone Returns Home)… Silence marks the moment of the separation the border between end and beginning the space where everything changes When the sound comes back it is sudden, deafening the discharge of a hundred atmospheres aflame Into the [...]

There’s no such thing as snow anymore (A poem)

An attempt to conceptually connect weather and television. 1 There’s no such thing as snow anymore outside of old movies on TV It used to be such a common thing the blank slate you could turn to once in a while a palate cleanser for the eyes 2 Outside, all was silence a blanket of white [...]

NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 10: Tangled threads (a poem)

Ugh! This was one of those days when I found it hard to get going. I was going to write an abecedarian poem, but I didn’t want to force anything, or have to resort to the ‘X marks the spot’ cliché. Quiet—very quiet—too quiet I can hear myself think the words drown out everything else holding [...]

NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 3: Feline sibling rivalry (a poem)

Working with today’s prompt, I attempted a fourteener… Lucy the cat didn’t get her usual spot today Lucy the cat made noise until at last she got her way But now Lucy the cat stares at me wondering what’s next Lucy the cat will make sure I pay attention today Lucy the cat sits [...]