The unexamined life (a poem)

Inspired by a variety of social media posts and memes. Imagine whatever you want the reasons behind what happened will not change themselves to fit your interpretation your wishes or your myth The truth is that you may never know the truth not even when you see it right in front of you Your attempts to [...]

Annoying plot twists (a poem)

When I was done with Louis, I turned to Fargo… Characters make stupid choices for the sake of entertainment A smart person would have turned that one down instead of saying ‘yes’ when pressed Now all kinds of crazy stuff is going to happen no matter how far away he runs On the bright side, the network [...]

You have the right [to refuse] to remain silent (a poem)

Bonus round for today—if you have the right to remain silent, you also have the right not to… Anything you say may very well result in your premature death As long as this is the case you may as well speak your mind LOUDLY while you have the chance Because you have the right [to refuse] [...]