Scarcity trumps fear (a poem)

I did not use the exact line, but a certain newspaper of record today described a certain political candidate as ‘a unique threat’… It’s different every time, isn’t it? On the surface, the same choices appear to be present and accounted for but the variables behind them cannot be predicted She’s a liar             He’s a [...]

It’s feeling a lot like World War III— (a poem)

This came from a brief conversation I had with someone a couple of nights ago before open-mic… everybody’s fighting There’s so much to hate and so many people to do the hating we don’t need armies anymore Strategy is no longer necessary mere tactics will do It all comes down to choice of weapon bullets…bombs…words… [...]

Woods (a poem)

Watching a Japanese drama on Netflix… At the top of Tragic Lovers Hill the tall, tall trees hide angry owls The bridge that crosses the stream waits, empty, for the uncertain and the hesitant Unconcerned, the water flows on towards the bottom of the hill it takes lovers so long to climb aching lungs gasping [...]