ART 53, day 41

This Is Fifty-Three, day 41 More minor stuff. There were a couple of shorter poems I wanted to add, but did not want to delete anything to make room. Then it occurred to me to do it MAD Magazine style, sort of—i.e., in the margins. As I tried it in a couple of places, I didn’t [...]

Nothing is more broken than this (a poem)

Strayed from the challenge again yesterday, after not having written anything for a few days—or so I thought. After posting, I remembered that this poem includes overheard conversation (the bit about the generals)… Feedback howls over the square people pay no mind Some guy in the corner talks about how many generals it takes to [...]

The Smashwords Summer Sale: Final Weekend!

One more time… The Smashwords Summer Sale has just three more days to go (including today). Through July 31st, you can get the e-book editions of Coffee Stains, Refusal to Remain Invisible, and Journalism for a buck apiece. Simply use the coupon code SSW75 at checkout. Here are the links: Coffee Stains Refusal to Remain Invisible Journalism Of course, [...]