ART 53, day 5x

This Is Fifty-Three, day 5x Yesterday, I had to change a URL that unexpectedly changed. Until I can order printed proofs (still waiting on some $), that is about the extent of any adjustments I will be making at this point. So, technically, yesterday was day 50, and today (once the revised digital proofs are ready) [...]

ART 53, day 49

This Is Fifty-Three, day 49 I suspect this is getting dull, but it seems there is always one more thing to change… First, though, this is what the online proof (well, a few of the spreads) for the color edition looks like: On one spread (not pictured here), I noticed I had not yet changed [...]

ART 53, day 48

This Is Fifty-Three, day 48 Still trying to get the color file just right… CreateSpace’s Interior Reviewer shows this for page 93: Unfortunately, in my original file, and in the PDF proof I download from CreateSpace, that weird red shape is not in that position. It is not supposed to be touching the black X, nor is [...]

ART 53, day 47

This Is Fifty-Three, day 47 More PDF uploads… Up late again last night, but this time it had nothing to do with my book. I was just up late. Reviewed digital proofs this morning, and made three small changes—one the end of a line in a poem that I had resisted changing because I wrote it [...]

ART 53, day 46

This Is Fifty-Three, day 46 More PDF uploads… Up late again last night, as the first digital proof was ready for review around 11:30. I have made a bunch of small adjustments to both manuscripts: Lowered the position of the  page numbers so that they are an equal distance from the side and bottom of the page. [...]

ART 53, days 44 & 45

This Is Fifty-Three, days 44 & 45 Uploading PDFs! After working out the cover and making a few minor changes, I felt it was time to start uploading files. The larger interior file took longer to upload and process, but went smoothly. Unfortunately, I quickly ran afoul of CreateSpace’s Interior Reviewer. For starters, my vector files [...]

ART 53, day 43

This Is Fifty-Three, day 43 Getting closer to a cover. Here is what I have narrowed the choices down to: #1. A modified version of my original first draft. I overlaid a thin red stroke on the right edge of the photo just because. What I like about this version is its simplicity—straightforward in presentation, without gimmicks. [...]

ART 53, day 42

This Is Fifty-Three, day 42 Discovering that my more elaborate manipulations of stroke width in InDesign are not surviving the export to PDF (from which they simply disappear)—or even to JPEG (in which they form partial blocks bearing no resemblance to what I had been seeing on my monitor)—I worked a bit more on the cover [...]

ART 53, day 41

This Is Fifty-Three, day 41 More minor stuff. There were a couple of shorter poems I wanted to add, but did not want to delete anything to make room. Then it occurred to me to do it MAD Magazine style, sort of—i.e., in the margins. As I tried it in a couple of places, I didn’t [...]