ART 53, day 40

This Is Fifty-Three, day 40

Yesterday was focused on preparing a ‘just the words’ version of the book—in part because I know the full-color edition will necessarily be more expensive, so I want to have an alternative available, and in part as a backup in case I run into any problems producing the book the way I currently have it set up.
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ART 53, day 31

This Is Fifty-Three, day 31

Given this generally horrible week, no money to go out and do anything, and no sign yet of the rest of that copy-editing material that has been delayed on the other end, I figured I would put in some work on the book…
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New book progress


I took a break from writing this last weekend. In part, it was because I have been feeling the weight of my present circumstances, and just wanted to sit with things for a bit. However, I have also been working on the layout for my next collection of poems. Continue reading