New book progress


I took a break from writing this last weekend. In part, it was because I have been feeling the weight of my present circumstances, and just wanted to sit with things for a bit. However, I have also been working on the layout for my next collection of poems. After eliminating my cover drafts one-by-one from consideration, I chose to go with the one featuring the photos with my feet in the frame.

Over the weekend, I set up the interior pages; now I am going through them to check for typos and other changes I might want to make. Since I did the copy-and-paste this time (as opposed to re-typing everything), there are fewer typos to fix. Instead, I have mostly been changing the order in which poems are presented, and occasionally re-thinking those titles about which I was not too sure to begin with. I have also cut eight pages so far, bringing the total down to 138 (including the usual front- and back-matter stuff, chapter pages, and so on); as with the previous books, I want to bring that down to somewhere between 120 and 136.

More to come…

(10 August 2015)

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