Refusal to Remain Invisible: Part Three now on Wattpad

I have just posted Part Three of my next poetry collection, Refusal to Remain Invisible, to Wattpad. (A little late this time, but there was a power outage in the area yesterday and today.) With my last collection, I did the Wattpad thing after I had already finished the book. This time, I am posting to Wattpad [...]

At the Couth Buzzard on Sunday morning after the storm (a poem)

After my late morning cup of coffee… The tables sit empty except for this guy in one corner (that would be me) writing in an oversized sketchbook with a purple pen Sunlight peeks in through a couple of open windows (it’s in my eyes, but that’s okay) A box fan in an open doorway keeps [...]

‘The children are our future’ (a poem)

Thinking a bit this morning about that well-worn phrase of songwriters and politicians alike… We are their past We are promises unfulfilled We are promises broken We are the lies we tell each other to explain our feelings away to deny the reality we have created to convince those who see it that they don’t [...]